Friday, 10 May 2013

Chemical Fingerprints (2013)

After many stresses, much research, experimentation and hard work I have produced Chemical Fingerprints. This is a collection of 5 framed pieces, supported by a 35mm Slide Projection.
The images are printed on Duraclear, a transparent material that can best emulate the surface and quality of slide film at a larger scale. When suspended in the box frames that I have constructed the light will be able to shine through the prints and project the image onto the white backboard. 

"With over 300 million photographs uploaded to facebook every single day, Chemical Fingerprints reverts back to the outdated technology of 35mm slide film to explore our sociological connections to photography. Using modernist aesthetic values, the reflexive work highlights the transitions in technology but the underlying necessary social function to record and memorialise our presence."

All works © Sarah Joanne French 2014. All rights reserved.

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