Thursday, 11 October 2012


Third Year begins. For my final project I am continuing the running themes of my previous work and using existing imagery rather than taking my own. I am interested in looking at the connotations and cliche of the snapshot. More specifically I want to look at how identity is reflected through the snapshot image, how the real is represented, and how this can be manipulated.

To begin producing work I made a concertina with photographs already in my possession. I've displayed the photographs like a timeline. One side shows a series of women, roughly (estimated) in age order, and the other side the same with men. I was hoping that presenting these similarly posed, black and white amateur images in this sequence could mislead the viewer into thinking the sequence tells the story of just one individual.

From feedback in tutorials I have been told that this was successful and am looking at probably producing a book of this nature in the near future.

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