Friday, 18 May 2012

Website Design

Tonight I've been getting to work building my website. Trying to make the most of time off at the beginning of the summer, before heading back to Hastings for work (and before the sun decides to appear), to get some website things done and the site up and running. 

First attempt at creating a splash page ... 

Final Splash Page... for the moment..


  1. Kudos! It’s good that you spend your time during summer productively. :) A splash page is a good deal for a website. It could be a platform to display your portfolio such as your artworks or even your techniques in flash. Also, it permits the visitor to choose either a Flash or HTML version of a website. Its interface also allows the visitors to be informed first among others of the news or updates the owner wants to relay.

    Sage Aumick

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  3. It must have been a great experience to design your own website, but it sure has challenged your skills in designing. BTW, how is your website now? Has it already been set up or launched? I’d love to know about it.


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