Thursday, 10 May 2012

Halcyon Days

"Our current use of halcyon days tends to be nostalgic and recalling of the seemingly endless sunny days"

Here are some images produced as final outcome for my most recent, and final second year project. I began looking into vintage culture with an ideal of photographing vintage individuals as markets and events. This idea ended up changing after considering the archive.

I am always interested in representation and portraiture and decided that I could investigate how people look back at the past much better through existing imagery, rather than my own. I began building my own 'vintage' archive, collecting photographs at vintage shops and markets. I then began looking at ways that I could further increase the nostalgic lust for these people and the time that they showed, concluding that smile is the most important element to this.

Through questionnaires, interviews and further research I realised that within vintage culture celebrity icons and idols are important to creating nostalgia and representing vintage and work as inspirations to people that consider themselves vintage. I have then manipulated the smile of my found images by replacing them with that of a vintage celebrity or cult figure.

I  framed one Print as final exhibition ready piece (click here) for submission for this unit.

 Marilyn Monroe

 Gene Kelly

 Bette Davis

 Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis

 Ann Miller and Judy Garland

 Mitzi Gaynor

 Clark Gable

Audrey Hepburn

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers 

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