Saturday, 21 April 2012

Monroe's Smile

An image made for part of final unit for this academic year.

I've been looking into the rise and popularity of vintage culture and am interested in why people lust over the past. I switched my idea, quite late on, from tackling this project from a portraiture angle; I decided that taking new pictures had no interest to me, I wanted to source existing ones found at vintage shops and markets.

The main theme of this body of work is nostalgia. I'm interested in the way that photography causes nostalgia through aesthetics and the stereotype of the snapshot. Narrowing it down, I wanted to concentrate on the smile; the plan was to enhance nostalgia through the positivity of the found images. Through my research I found out a whole handful of vintage icons and idols  from the 50s and 60s that inspired people in the vintage scene and am using their smiles on the images to create the final prints.

..Feedback Appreciated!  I plan to print the images within the week.

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