Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Framing My Print

I only realised the outcome of my current project last week and had to quickly think about presentation. This is the first unit on the course that requires an exhibition ready item. I knew I wanted to frame the works but didn't have a clue what to order. After negotiation with my tutor we decided that the image would look best presented in a white square frame with a fairly thin mount and white museum board.

I made my own frame on a 3-day workshop. I am now so glad that I did this as otherwise I would still have no idea on what to do, plus if I would have brought the frame the prices would have tripled!

 I cut the wood, glued the mount in place, nailed the frame together, filled in gaps, sanded it down, sanded it down again, primed it, sanded it again, then sprayed it with several layers, with sanding it between, of course. measured the print and cut the museum board together. Once the glass had finally arrived I cleaned it (hopefully thoroughly enough, such a nightmare), then placed it in the mount, with the board, the print and back, before stapling it together and taping it to seal. 

 After a few hiccups, such as placing the photo upside- down in the frame (whoopsie), I have completed it!

Here it is, sports fans.

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