Thursday, 29 March 2012

"Herb is lucky, he gets first drink"

I'm in the process of creating a book of my Gran and Grandads old photographs at the moment and I'm really enjoying it. I've decided to use the text hidden on the reverse of the photographs as I feel that this is just as significant as the images.

I'm currently removing the text from the reverse of the photos, so that the handwritten text works as the captions on the left-hand page to my images on the right, once the book is completed. None of my own babbling need be included.

This is taking a lot of time on photoshop, not helped by the fact that I've forgotten my glasses today!  I'll get there eventually, then onto the making and printing.

As much I'd like to do this by hand, I won't be able to make it the best quality that I want! If you know any good, reasonably priced websites that print photobooks and a decent quality, then please let me know. So far Ubyu Books is winning!  

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  1. This is SUCH A LOVELY idea. Really bloody nice. I read my Grandma's memoirs (work in progress)about a year ago which was super interesting and a bit enlightening (never really knew my namesake, Gramps) and this is a similar but maybe better xx


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