Saturday, 3 March 2012

Boscombe Vintage Market


  1. I never know how to feel about big boxes of other people's old B&W photos at car boots - something seems a little creepy about having an unauthorised glimpse into somebody else's life but that's completely irrational, really, and I do think that if they're old enough photos then they're really interesting more than anything. It is lovely to have a literal snapshot of moments in others' lives but too much is a bit odd - and I quite like the feeling of disassociation, almost as much as association, sometimes. Apologies for a quite convoluted comment! xx

    1. Yeah I completely agree. It's crazy having someone's personal moments scattered in a box of a busy market stall, all authorship lost. I brought a couple, including a negative which I am about to upload. Mad how I may now own the only evidence of that Man's existence. You might really like the book Photo Trouvee, a whole collection of found moments.

    2. Ooh I like the look of that book - duly wishlisted, might go see if uni library have it in a bit. It's a lot like a collection of books my drama teacher sometimes brings to classes, a collection of moving images which show a bigger picture: two hundred thousand people collected in a square, people's faces as they have a gun to their head...


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