Thursday, 23 February 2012

35mm Shoot

During my studio shoot last Friday I wanted to have a mess around with low- quality analogue technologies. My project is looking at nostalgia through photography and I wanted to see if the quality, texture and experimentation of analogue film could have an effect on the emotive and subjective way in which we view the photograph.

For this reason, I used a point and shoot 35mm camera, with B&W film (another device to possibly enhance the 'nostalgic' feel in my developments). Once I had used the film, I purposely lacked in care in handling and processing the negatives. In the darkroom, I left the negatives out of files and printed without the profession standard to which I usually (at least) attempt, and added my greasey finger prints, screwed up the paper and double-exposed.

Please let me know if you think these qualities and experiments have given the images a nostalgic feel? And any other opinions you have on the quality of analogue. Feedback for this project would be really useful :)
If you want to compare to the high-res digital version of then here it is.

Also.. LOVERS OF VINTAGE. I am still collecting responses for my survey for this project on why vintage has become so popular. I'd love to hear your opinions. Here it is!

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