Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I Need Your Help!

Please can you help me decide on a domain name for my upcoming website? I'd like as much input as possible!? 

This Christmas holiday I want to begin putting my website together, and one of the  first things I need to do is get a domain name and some hosting space! 

Sarah French is a bit too common; there aren't alot of free domain names starting with this!

Ideally, I'd like a .com, but I've put a few other choices for my full name. 

So here are the available choices.... If you could comment below with what you feel sounds most suitable/professional or any other suggestions then I'd be really grateful.... or reply to my twitter/facebook link to this. 








Thank you! Here's a video of a waving bear to thank you for your time 


  1. Firstly, i would like to say thankyou for appreciating my opinion in this. lol. Now, i feel sarahjfrench.com is the best, for two reasons, one its .com and thats what you wanted, which is best i feel as its the most rememberable and thats important! lol and 2 sarahjfrench is a good simple and professional sounding domain. :D p.s. its sam

  2. I'd personally stick with a .com name with no dashes, and though sarahjfrench.com is good my thought is for sjfrench.com - It's shorter and easy to remember, plus easily brand-able with a monogram style SJ logo.


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