Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hallowe'en! Spooky Film Occurance

So it was Hallowe'en yesterday and I was at Uni. I needed to develop some films for my project work and thought to throw in an old 35mm film I'd had lying round from the summer to see what I'd taken on it too.

This film was a 35mm Polaroid film, I got in the old bits and bobs drawer at home. When I first found it it looked like new; the tail end just sticking out of the canister. I took a few photographs on it for Pirate's Day in the summer (a fancy dress day as part of Hastings' Old Town Carnival Week) but my camera broke on me so only a few odd images came out. Like this one... 

I was trying to work out what the few images on the negative were before scanning them in. One had what seemed like a lady with a silly hat on, with a small boy swearing in the background. I couldn't work out what this image was for ages! Or why I would've taken it on Pirate's day.

I scanned it in soon after and realised the 'lady' in the photograph was actually a 15 year old Me. It really freaked me out! The small boy in the background was my brother, who is now so much taller than me! I then realised this was a holiday snap from our trip to Gozo, Malta, in 2006. 

I scratched my head for ages as to how this photograph occurred. We all used digital then! It must've been from the camera my parents had given to my brother to use, then 13, and that's why he's getting away with his finger gesture! Guess he's old enough now to not be told off ha. 
I don't know why the film would have been wound back into the canister with the tail end left out in the perfect unused fashion; just to trick me into finding 5 years later perhaps! 

And yay for still wearing the same jeans.

Happy Hallowe'en :) 

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