Thursday, 20 October 2011

Weekly Feature

So I've neglected this blog a bit recently and I really want to get the most out of it and update reguarly, and for this reason I have decided to start a weekly feature.

Each Friday I will post about what I've been up to in the week regarding my course. (that is Year 2 of the BA(Hons) Photography at the Arts University College, Bournemouth) That way I can keep my blog alive and kickin' as well as push myself to show something interesting each week! It's a win-win situation!

I'll be showing everything from artists, films, exhibitions, magazine clippings, journal articles etc that have inspired me or aided my research as well as my own developing work on my two current projects.

Please feel free to leave some feedback on my own work as it would be really beneficial, everything I upload will be completely new so criticism is most definitely welcomed.

I'll be leaving my first post tomorrow! Well it's midnight so technically today.

See you laterz, Alligatorz.

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