Friday, 29 July 2011

The Stade, Hastings

Last week, I picked up my DSLR and headed to The Stade, Hastings, to take some photos for the (now annual) photography competition. 

The Stade is an area of Hastings seafront near the old town, past the harbour arm and lifeboat station, which includes the Fishing Huts, the Fishing Fleet, Winkle Island and the East Hill Lift. 

This year, the Stade project wanted photos to show some sort of story or narrative.

I wanted to highlight the ongoing pressure and struggles that small, independent businesses, such as fishermen have suffered due to the rise of superstores. The website tescopoly goes into this in more detail if you are interested! 

Due to fishing the governments fishing quotas, that have been in the news constantly this year, there is always a surplus of dead fish thrown out onto the beach at the end of each day. I decided to collect these fish and make them the subject of my images! 

One of my photos have been selected for the exhibition, which takes place around the Stade, in September!

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