Saturday, 2 July 2011


I hadn't read any fiction books in ages, and always mean to, so now the summer holidays are in full swing and I've got lots of time at home I've decided to bury my head in books. 

I've just finished Captain Corelli's Mandolin and it was fantastic! I'd had the book for over a year and been meaning to read it before my holiday to Kefalonia, Greece, where it is set. I really wish I had read it beforehand, and then become familiar with the locations whilst I was there, but it was nice reading and feeling a sense of nostalgia for the beautiful island.

I thought I'd post a few pictures I took on my Holga whilst I was there, not just due to the book, but also as I'm sad I'm not off to somewhere exotic this summer!! 

--Also I've renewed my membership for my Sub Aqua club this week so can spend the summer diving the English Channel! 

Also I love the cover illustration by Rob Ryan, he has a really cool shop in London! The punk illustrator featured in Dazed & Confused reminds me of his work as well! 

So onto a summer of reading more of Louis de Berniere's books, maybe embracing the film and generally reading more! (book suggestions appreciated :] ) 

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