Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Cameras on my shelf

I brought two cameras this week ready for this summers festivities..

I've been watching loads of Olympus Trip 35's on ebay in the last couple of weeks, but I kept being outbid! 
Finally got my hands on this one, perfect for glastonbury next month! 

A boy decided to start a little thrift store at a garden party at the weekend, not sure who he was. He knew he could sell his cameras, books and sega megadriver for more on the internet but I think he was after some Ketamin. I brought this little Konica to throw in my bag on a night out. 

Now Uni has finished for the year so theres loads of time and event to take some snaps, and I've got time to process lots of film and scan/ print the negatives so will upload the pictures shortly :) 

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