Friday, 8 April 2011

Optical Illusions

I've just completed the unit Digital Management on my BA course. For this unit, we had to use Photoshop and digital technologies to create a series of images, with the breifs 'Constructed Realities/ Falsifying Identities'.

I was interested in the eye and the sense of sight. Seeing is our only selective sense; Eyes can select focus and concentrate on certain points, however ears can't change the volume of what they hear and you cannot eliminate touch. 

My project focused on visual illusions, particuarly facial illusions. There are many optical illusions using the face as subject; your eyes see so many countless amounts of faces everyday that the brain interprets them in an autonomous way. 

I wanted to use this knowledge to relate to the brief; to create illusions showing more than one image, so that you will question what you see, not just accept it, and therefore make the viewer question how they construct their own reality and perceive things differently to others. 

'The Thatcher Effect' The eyes and mouth have been rotated 180degrees in the top right-hand image to make the face look grotesque. However, when the face is viewed upside-down (bottom right) you can't notice anything immediately wrong with it. 

Below, look at each image up close, then from away (or squint your eyes) to see the secondary image dominate. 
These have been made for printing, it works clearer if you click on the image to enlarge it...

For loads of optical illusions go here....
And this book The Eye: A Natural History is really amazing!

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