Friday, 25 March 2011

8 Day Pinhole

Justin Quinnell, an amazing pinhole artist, recently gave a guest lecture at Uni. His 6 month pinhole cameras inspired me to try extended exposures, so I made a small pinhole camera out of this film canister, and taped it to the outside window ledge for an 8 day (and night) exposure. 

I loaded the film with Ilford RC Satin paper. 
An exposure for more than a few minutes on a sunny day would completely overexpose the paper. 
With an 8 days exposure, the paper is exposed so long that an image is printed directly onto the paper, with no need to develop the paper in the darkroom, i just had fix it.  

This is how paper came out of the canister... 

Once fixed, washed and dried, I scanned the image in at 600dpi and used it as a negative. I could then invert the image into a positive, plus flip and rotate the image to it's correct position. I then changed the saturation so the image could be black and white like the original paper was, and alter the contrast slightly to show the most  detail. 

The sun has formed a different line for it's path across the sky each day, and although the car was only parked on the drive 4 days after the camera began exposing, the reflections from it are still clear! Shame about the fine hairs from the filthy Uni scanner, i'll have to scan it again at some time. 

Here is a link to Justin Quinnell's website which has loads of incredilble pinhole photographs all sorts of instructions to make different cameras! 

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  1. Great blog!
    I love the pinhole experiments... I think it's called solargraphy? I've been meaning to try for ages...


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