Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Photography & Realism

We are an Object of Culture

For the Photography and Realism unit on my course, I've been interested in how we are affected by digital communications and technologies. I've began to look into the way in which we represent ourselves on Social Networking Sites; we create a distorted reality or identity for ourselves, a glorified representation, even a complete alter-ego.

After researching and discussing the implications of how digital communications, such as smart phones, ipods, SNS's affect our societies and cultures for better and for worse, it occurred to me that no writer, author or philosopher could really prove or win the debate as the mediums are so new; taking a step back from everything I decided that Reality and Identity aren't necessarily constant, but can be variable. This new type of interaction, and digital social methods could be our new, evolving reality. Looking into this type of reality and identity would never, in present time, come to a conclusion.

I began to look more towards the medium itself, the disposable nature of digital cameras, camera phones, profile pictures, and how a picture is an object of ourselves, it is not us. We represent ourselves with a photograph; an object, which is normally perceived as you. I decided to look at it with a more objective eye. I eventually came to the conclusion that, within the new digital era, We Are An Object of Culture. 


Inspired by the poor quality of the billions of pictures uploaded onto sites such as facebook, i wanted to portray my project in a very low-fi way. I wanted the medium of which photos were displayed on apparent as well as the person.



We are an Object of Culture

We are an Object of Culture

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