Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Primitive Photography


I've just completed my first project on my BA Photography degree. For this 'Primitive' unit I was looking at how light was the fundamental element of Photography, and tried to use light soley as the subject for my images. The entirety of the project included alot of photogram work, applying artificial light to photo-sensitive paper, as well pinhole attempts and the occasional 35mm SLR shot.

The final outcome (not too final, I want to continue with this project outside of the course) is heavily influenced by the Shadow Catchers exhibition held at the London's V&A. After deciding to take a more natural approach to the subject, I exposed paper, or created photograms, overnight, capturing the abstract effects of the moonlight...


These are the resin coated 'negatives' (roughly scanned) which I then used to create reversals onto fiber based paper to create high quality final prints.

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